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Flat silk weft(New)

Never standing still, Seabeautyintl  is introducing flat silk lace wefts across their range of weft hair extensions.   

The new style weft top incorporates a flexible adhesive and double-stitched silk lace top to hold the hair into the weft-style extension.

Wefts currently work by folding the hair over at the top to hold the hair into the weft. 
The technology behind the flat weft means that the hair no longer needs to be folded over creating a thinner weft, which when applied, is flat to the head! 

Other key benefits include nonfraying edges when stylists cut the weft to fit, reduced itching now the fold has been eliminated and greater comfort for the wearer with the flat-feel!

Could be cut into any length, Never shed!!!

Silk lace super flat technology much more comfortable!!!

2018 newest design, extremely competitve in the hair market!!!