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Why there is a MOQ in hair industry?

For true hair manufacturer usually there is a MOQ 1kg(some factories even 3kg)for each color each length.While for some customers they don’t understand why there is a MOQ.

As a manufacturer like Seabeautyhair, when we arrange the production even it's just 200g or 300g we have to use same dyeing stuff, same time, same labor cost.etc as 1kg! Especially for us we only use best dyeing stuff imported from Germany, and in order to protect the hair structure we use special bleaching and dyeing process and it takes longer time also the labor cost is higher for our high educated workers.That's why we could do top quality and have higher cost.

Besides for an order less than MOQ 1kg, we always lose money and the more colors less than MOQ, the more money we will lose!

But in order to our sincerity there is no MOQ for the first sample order to test our quality, but for the formal order sincerely hope you could understand our situation and reach the MOQ.
If a hair company asks no MOQ for orders, mostly they are a trading companies to sell stock for retail. For Seabeauty hair factory we are a direct hair factory for wholesale with a direct wholesale price!