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Cost and quality of human hair extensions could vary greatly across its different types. The most popular types are the Remy hair extension, non-Remy hair extension, and virgin cuticle hair extension.

Remy hair extensions is made from human hair taken from multiple donors, nowadays are changed most so called remy hair extensions in the hair market is machine remy hair. Originally its still non remy hair just take the machine to make most of the hair directions get same, then use acid bath chemical treatment to remove cuticle so hair can feel smoothy and not tangle. This type of hair could last 3 months usually.

Non-Remy hair extension is the most commonly used and tends to be more affordable than Remy hair. These are usually made from shed or fallen hair(basically its unhealthy and dirty). It must undergoes heavy chemical treatment to remove the hair cuticle layer. A silicon coating is then applied to the hair giving the hair extensions natural-looking shine and luster. However, this chemical layer is easily lost after few washes.

Seabeautyintl virgin cuticle hair extensions are made from single young donor. The hair should have never been treated at all in the far past. As its cut directly from ponytail, so all the hair cuticle keeep intact same direction, it could be bleached and dyed into any colour( incuding extremely blonde colours) Seabeautyintl virgin cuticle hair extensions are considered of the highest quality, the material cost is much higher. This kind of hair will never tangle could last 1-3 years with proper hair care.