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As a manufacture I'm afraid in China mostly you could only find two kinds of hair:
Chinese hair and Indian non-remy hair. Please notice that almost no 
Chinese company could purchase the real Indian temple hair because all the
temple hair almost bought by some large European companies from the auction 
and the hair is very expensive. Even for those great brands they also purchase 
hair from China because the temple hair is rare and so expensive!
Currently a lot of Chinese suppliers say they are Indian temple remy hair,Russian hair.etc
do you believe that the real Indian temple hair and Russian hair would be that cheap,
also the hair is such a low quality? 
Frankly speaking mostly the so called Indian hair and Russian hair.etc  in China is Chinse regular remy hair.
While that is not to say the Chinese hair is not good. 
The Chinese virgin cuticle hair is the high end quality  proved by lots of customers all around the world. That’s becasue we only select top quality hair material from most healthy young girls’ virgin ponytail it’s only 8-10% in the whole Chinese hair market. So our hair is super soft and silky just has similar feeling as European hair and Russian hair.